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Feature article of the week….Kristen from Kids Workwear NZ!

Welcome to Baby Life Magazine Kristen! It’s lovely that you have taken the time to share a bit of yourself with us!

kids work wearTell us about yourself and your family

Hi, my name is Kristen & I am a Mum to two gorgeous girls, Maddison (18 months) & Brooklyn (5 ½ months).  I live in Lincoln, just south of Christchurch & work 2 jobs from home whilst running around after the kids!

How long have you been a WAHM?

I’ve been working part time from home since my eldest was about 3 months old, managing the Christchurch administration for my partner’s drainage business & most recently running my own business Kids Workwear NZ.

What made you decide to be a WAHM?

It was a bit of a no brainer really, I love to be busy & so sitting at home doing nothing (apart from housework, feed times, sleep times, play time etc. haha) wasn’t an option.  My brain needed stimulation & working from home was a perfect choice.

kids work wearWhat did you do before becoming a WAHM?

I moved to Christchurch 1 ½ years ago & worked in recruitment in the city, prior to that I lived in Australia for 1 ½ years working in HR & prior to that I worked in project management & travelled, my other love!

My job title is…..

Owner, Manager & all-rounder @ Kids Workwear NZ

Tell us about your business

Kids Workwear NZ provides super cute work gear including onesies & work shirts so that kids can be just like Daddy, or Mummy, or an Aunt/Uncle/Grandparent!  Not only is it a novelty for kids to dress up like Dad, our work gear is also very high quality, 100% cotton, hard wearing & is a mini replica of adults work gear.

What does a normal day for you involve?

Getting up & tending to the girls, you will all know the routine.  Breakfast, nappy changes, play time.  Then when the girls are sleeping (or happy entertaining themselves) I am on the computer checking my Facebook page, checking the website, on google webmaster trying to boost our website to ‘the top of the list’ sorting out advertising budgets & campaigns, ordering promotional material and so on & so forth.

kids work wear nzWhat inspired you to start your work at home business?

My partner owns a drainage company & so therefore has to wear safety gear when on job sites or in the truck.  He always thought it would be cute to see his daughters dressed up like him & ready to work so I set about finding someone that made kids work gear.  Boy did I have a hard time!  I eventually found a company in Australia that made the exact products I wanted & fell in love with and proceeded to get my two daughters shirts, as well as their cousins.  After that, I toyed with the idea of bringing this Workwear to NZ on & off for a number of months before I thought, hey what the heck, why not!  They are totally unique; no-one else in NZ has anything like them, and such good quality.

How do you juggle family and your business?

Family will always come first, so if the girls need something I stop what I’m doing & tend to them, sometimes I feel I leave them to entertain themselves a bit too much but they enjoy it, and I’m a better Mum for using my brain & doing something for myself.

What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is trying to get the Kids Workwear NZ name out there.  I am obviously targeting a niche market, being tradie families, farm families primarily so it is working out how to get to them.  A lot of people in these markets don’t frequent the internet, or Facebook!

What are your WAHM goals for 2014?

As a general goal I would like our name to be well known in Christchurch, so I have a lot of work to do to get there!

What has been the best experience of being a WAHM?

Being able to be there for all the girls little milestones.

I love to start my day with…

Cuddles in bed with my girls!

And finish with…

A hug goodnight from my girls, a chai latte & some relaxing time with my partner.

In between I’m…

Giving my girls lots of cuddles, and kisses! They must be the most kissed kids alive.

If you gave me a day off I’d…

Sleep in; hang out in my pyjamas all day, under my duvet watching movies.

If I wasn’t doing this I’d…

Travel! It was my first passion & I can’t wait to get back out there & do more once the girls are a bit bigger.

Tell us three things about yourself that your customers might not know

  • When I was little I thought I was magic, so I put chewing gum in my belly button. Yes, it got stuck. (Not entirely sure why I thought being magic meant I should do that!)
  • My daughters middle names are taken from all our parents, Petra (from Peter – both our Dads) & Annika (Combining Annette & Nicola – our Mums).

Find out more about Kids Workwear NZ at their:

Website     Facebook page

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